At MOM, our colors might be black and red, but we're GREEN underneath     GREEN PRINT: an environmental plan from Modern Office Methods    

At MOM, our colors might be black and red, but we're GREEN underneath.


You know us by our red and black MOM logo, but you might not know that MOM has added another color to its brand - GREEN.  We launched our Green Print sustainability program to combat the carbon footprint the business community has on the environment. Offices use paper, produce waste and expend energy.  MOM is a leader of office technology, so it only made sense for us to develop programs that not only reduce our company’s carbon footprint, but that also make strides in reducing that of our clients.



What our TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS are doing for the environment:



Environmental Management IS014001
Lanier:  Environmental Honors

Plan_it Green
C650/C550 Energy Awards

Focus on the Environment
IT ECO Solutions
Environmental Case Studies

Green Technology and Solutions for Clients

We team up with the top technology partners in the business.  These brands lead the industry in not only innovative, energy star-rated office solutions; they also receive accolades for their environmental efforts.

Today’s office equipment is more energy efficient than ever.  Machines can go from energy-saving mode to full operation in less than 15 seconds. Even multifunction devices can cost as little as $20 a year in utility costs.  MOM’s software solutions also streamline business operations and go a long way to increasing your bottom line.  

Lanier's Toner Bottle Recycling Box
Client Copier Toner Recycling Program

Businesses have been recycling printer cartridges for years.  Recycling printer cartridges is painless and just makes sense.  Offices seeking to enter into a similar recycling program with copier toner containers often hit roadblocks…until now.  MOM has partnered with Lanier to give businesses the opportunity to recycle their copier containers.

MOM - Ohio, Northern KY, & Eastern IN's TOTAL GREEN DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS Company
Program details include:
  • Clients purchase Lanier recycling boxes – set of two for $40, plus shipping
  • Boxes include pre-addressed, prepaid UPS return mailing labels
  • Program accepts all manufacturer copier toner containers
  • Boxes are lined with durable plastic to ensure safe transport without excess toner leakage
MOM wants to make the return of copier toner containers as convenient as possible with minimal disruption to your daily business activities.  Start your copier toner recycling program today by calling 1-800-345-3888 and ordering your boxes – ITEM # 003808MIU.
In addition to taking steps to help clients reduce their carbon footprints, we evaluated our entire business to find ways to implement sustainable programs throughout our company. MOM analyzed every facet of our operation and executed programs to reduce waste and conserve energy. Some of the ways we’re expanding our Green Print include:MOM's reducing waste with reusable bottles!
  • Implementing a cardboard recycling program, saving 75,000 lbs. of cardboard annually from going into landfills
  • Recycling 200,000 lbs. of scrap metal and plastic annually from used copiers and printers
  • Supplying MOM employees with water bottles in an effort to eliminate office use of plastic water bottles that potentially contain harmful chemicals; MOM water bottles are Bisphenol-A (BPA)-free
  • Providing Pure Oxygenated Drinking Water Systems to create a healthier alternative to the typical five-gallon jugs that may contain harmful chemicals
  • Educating employees on the importance of unplugging electrical device chargers, such as cell phones and iPods, to stop the wasted pull of energy (reported to be nearly 50 percent of the energy a device pulls while actively charging)
  • Advising all employees to shut down their computers at the end of the workday
  • Using fluorescent light bulbs, which typically last longer and use less energy than traditional light bulbs












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