Copier Hard Drive SecurityRecently, CBS Evening News aired a special report regarding the ability of digital multifunction products (MFPs) to retain information on their internal hard disk drives. These issues are not new to our industry, nor should your organization only be concerned with equipment after it is returned to their vendor. Are you aware that 90% of all corporate espionage is conducted by someone within the organization? Usually, a trusted employee in or near a position of power. Depending upon the severity of the leak and the financial investment involved, the results can be devastating.
Organizations are typically more concerned about what happens when a device is removed from the organization’s location and the data is now outside of its intended environment.  Document Solutions understands the importance of data security and we have been careful in selecting manufacturing partners who have that same concern for our clients’ welfare & data security. We are committed to supporting your IT security requirements and we offer a wide range of security solutions and services beyond the standard features of our products.
What does Document Solutions do to protect your data?
Copier Hard Drive Securityo    Document Solutions’ Equipment Removal Form provides a reminder to the end-user to delete all data and fax numbers from the device before our delivery personnel remove the unit from the premises.
o    Upon receiving the returned unit (using built in user tools) Document Solutions staff re-formats the hard disk drive to delete any remaining files. However, this still does not remove the risk of latent images.
o    To eliminate the risk of latent images remaining on the hard drive, at your request, Document Solutions will use security software to conduct a double overwrite of the entire hard disk drive for an additional fee of $150 per hard drive.
o    As an alternative, you may purchase the hard disk drive from Document Solutions when the machine is picked up and retain it; or you may purchase the hard drive and Document Solutions will have it securely shredded for you and provide you with certification that the drive was destroyed. Pricing will vary depending upon model, but will typically range between $600 and $850.
o    In a conscious effort to protect the security of our clients’ data, beginning in October of 2008, Document Solutions scrubs and reformats any hard drive that is to be re-used using a standard Maxtor reformatting program. This adds an additional layer of security for any information that may be residing on the hard disk drive. Prior to wholesaling, recycling or scrapping a unit all hard drives are removed and either destroyed or reformatted.
What can your organization do to protect their data?
In light of the fact that 90% of all corporate espionage is conducted by a trusted employee in or near a position of power within an organization, many of our clients choose to purchase security software for their hardware that is capable of protecting their proprietary information while the machine is still operating within their business. We have several options from which you may choose.
o    HDD Sanitizing Option: Overwrite All Data with ISO 15408 Certification using Government and Military Standards – up to eight overwriting methods are available.   Overwriting includes job erase for copy, print, and scanned files.    The overwrite process, which includes any references to the data’s physical locations in the directory, is performed each time a file is deleted. Investment installed and configured: $450 - $650 depending on manufacturer and model.
o    HDD Encryption Option: (may not be available on all models) Data can be encrypted to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit data standard or AES 256-bit data standard depending upon manufacturer & model. Once encrypted, data cannot be read even if the HDD is removed from the machine. Investment installed and configured:  $650 - $750
o    Hard Disk Drive Replacement Option: Upon removal of the MFP from your company, Document Solutions will remove your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and give it to you so you can dispose of it in the manner of your choosing:  $600 - $850 depending on manufacturer & model.
o    Fiery Security: Request quote, varies by model.
The bottom line: Data is inert. It cannot move, change, be copied, or erased without some sort of human manipulation or instruction. That is why even the most well conceived security plan is subject to some risk when the workflow involves variables including people, paper, multiple devices, and worker habits and their motives. Data security should be a concern throughout the entire life-cycle of an MFP; not just at the end of its useful life and our IT consultants can provide guidance & data security services to your organization. 

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