Below are some troubleshooting tips should you be having minor issues with your equipment, which we encourage you to review prior to placing a service call.

Paper jams in the duplexing tray paper jam
  • Check for jams under large paper tray
  • Check for excessive paper curl (paper may be moist - a common summer problem). Try fresh paper.

Paper is jamming in the fuser (or exit)
  • Check for paper or other obstructions in paper path.

Paper is jamming in the sorter
  • Open sorter and look for paper
  • Look into end of sorter bins for paper

The paper jam can't be located
  • Reset copier by turning off, unplug sorter and copier, then plug back in, turn on
  • Check behind large paper feeder
  • Check under drum area

Paper jams in the cassette
  • Make sure paper is loaded correctly and not overfilled
  • Check to see if side guides are too tight

Paper jams in my document feeder
  • Check for foreign objects (staples, paper clips, post-it-notes) in feeder entrance and exit
  • Card stock or lightweight originals cannot be used in document feeders

Still having trouble? Schedule a service call.
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